Why almost indonesians are lazy to learn english?

Why almost Indonesians are lazy to learn English, yeah maybe that is a great question for me because what I feel the first thing is about environment and the second one is a about we more focus on grammar not to the vocabulary, this is what I feel I am always confusing by learning tensies grammar and the others thing, so when I try to forget all about the grammar and blah blah blah and more Focus vocabulary and practicing is make my English improve so well, but you guys need to underline ,that I'm not telling you to not learning about grammar and the others thing , but if you want to learn English, for the first thing you do is just memorize all vocabulary and practicing, it can make your English well so when you're English well, you can learn about grammar , By the way this is my experience,  I'm so sorry for my mistake , I just share What I need to share , in next post I will tell you guys how to memorize the vocabulary


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