9 movies to help you to improve your English

Watching movies is one of the most fun and effective ways to learn English. To see movies in English will help you to improve your mastery over the language, especially your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Also movies can help with many aspects of intonation, introduce you to expressions of everyday use and educate your ear.

I recommend doing it this way:

Choose a movie. If possible a movie you already know or have seen. In this way, you will not loose yourself in the middle of the movie.

Put the film in English with English subtitles. Over time, you will be able to watch them without subtitles, but at first, subtitles will help you to understand everything much better.

Do not treat it like a marathon. We repeat: this is a method to learn English in a fun way. Fun, not boring! So it is better that you watch half an hour or one hour of the film in English every day rather than watching seven hours a day.

Write each word you do not understand and look it up in the dictionary. Although it may seem boring, write down notes of each and every one of the words you do not understand. You’ll thank yourself later.

Review the meaning of new words. Withen a few days of having seen the movie, read the list of words you wrote and try to use them in a sentence.

Practise your pronunciation. Repeat aloud some of the phrases that the actors say, and try to repeat their intonation.
We will give you a list of the best movies to learn English according to the level you have:


• Harry Potter: With this series you won’t lose some part of the story: pronunciation isn’t difficult to understand, actors have very different accents and its plot is well known by everyone.
• Indiana Jones. Another saga to mention, it is very useful when learning English because it has short dialogues, simple questions, direct answers…
• E.T. A movie full of questions and simple answers, often explained slowly (for the poor E.T., and now you, understand perfectly the dialogue).


Notting Hill. Love story: a famous American star meets a single British bookseller in Notting Hill. Great to compare the differences between British and American accents.
Grease. The plot, dialoguels and songs make it suitable for intermediate levels.

• Casablanca. Classic among classics. Its unhurried dialogues make it a great work to learn English, although certain phrases and terminology can make things a little difficult.


The king’s speech. What better way to learn English that a film where they teach the king to correctly pronounce his language? With this film you will learn perfect pronunciation and intonation; plus a couple of exercises to practise your English more fluently.

My Fair Lady. Although some of it’s dialogues are very easy to follow, others are a real tongue twister. However, as with ‘King’s Speech’, you will learn many tricks to improve your pronunciation, to differentiate various British accents, and a lot of vocabulary thanks to great it’s classic songs.

Billy Elliot. Only for the most experienced ears. The strong northern English accent of its protagonists makes it a real challenge, citing the large number of expressions and slang they use.


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