The songs that can improve your english

Actually I'm often listening the music to improved my English,  it's good to memorize the vocabulary for u who hard to memorize the vocabulary by formally lesson,  so here I'll give u some music that can improve ur English , or u can Lear how to pronounce like native English speakers

Closer by The Chainsmokers

This song was an absolute hit in North America because of its infectious beat and catchy lyrics. It is the perfect song to play on your car stereo while reciting the lyrics. You will have fun singing along and dancing, but you will also be learning and practicing English.

Love On The Brain by Rhianna

Some of Rhianna’s song aren’t the best to listen to if you trying to learn English. For example, she slurs her words throughout her infamous song “Work.” However, her song “Love On The Brain” is a soulful song where her words are easy to understand and follow. Listen to this song to improve your English skills and also get a taste of some modern folk music.

Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

“Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara is a slow song that also has an important message. It tells young girls to love themselves for who they are, and to not care about their physical appearance. It is a wonderful song to follow and sing along to because of its slow beat, and it can also help you feel good about yourself while you improve your English skills.

Water Under The Bridge by Adele

Adele is a famous British singer whose is known for her strong voice and unique songs. “Water Under The Bridge” is a sad song about moving on. The song is slow and steady, making her words and lyrics easy to understand. Listen to this song to be introduced to some new words and help yourself learn English. The title of the song is referring to a common English idiom, and the song can help you understand its meaning.

Cold by Maroon 5 Featuring Future

The always popular Maroon 5 has released another catchy song. This is a relatable song about a man whose lover seems “cold” or emotionally distant. This songs uses a lot of repetition, which can help you learn certain words and phrases, and practice saying them over and over. There is also a rap section that is another part of the song that will allow you to hear and practice speaking English.


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