Photography is the one of my hobby

Photography is one of  my hobby. Yes, I do like taking pictures of different places, buildings, houses, trees , people anything I can see of  that objects are good. Last year, hubby bought me a DSLR camera because I can see that the pictures has a good quality compare to an ordinary camera. I know that there are many different DSLR camera's in the market and it cost a fortune but I got mine that is not too expensive compare to the people who are professionals in photography. My camera is only for my own use such as party, travel and  for my networking site. I don't really study photography because I don't want to be finished like a professional because there are many around the world and I don't want to compete. I just want to enjoy it while I am bored or use in the party! It has a big different outcome of the pictures it is much better compare to ordinary camera. There are many people are really good in taking pictures and I am jealous of how they do it but maybe they are studying of techniques and tips.


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