How do I memorize the vocabulary ???

Well actually I don't memorize the vocabulary, what I do is watching movie, listening music, read a novel in English, and make a contact with a native speaker, when I'm watching movie I'm not used anymore the Indonesia subtitle , although I'm not understand what is that mean at all, but it can help me to know what is they're saying in English and how to repeat that word well , so when they speak I'm repeat it and sometimes I watched the same movie is about 3 times ,two times for English subtitle, one time for Indonesia subtitle and about listening the music I choose my favorite music and then I memorize the song and of course I want to figure out what is that meaning,
About the English novel, it's very bored when in the first page because we don't know the meaning while we translated but when in the middle page we more curious about the story so it's make our brain suggested to figure out more about the story, and the last step is make a contact with native speaker, now we live in the social media era, so we can use our smartphone to do it,  it's like we can join with languages community  or we can visit the tourist attraction in our area to make an interview  , well this is my experience  , thanks for visit my blog,  and forgive me about my mistake


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