American slang

As well as we know that in all languages their have a SLANG words,  like in Indonesia we know the words,  Alay, lebay, Kepo, etc
So today I'll give u some of American slang expression,  hope you guys like it

Bae: this is short for “babe” or “baby” and means your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, or loved one. It is frequently used in hip-hop music as a term of endearment.

Snatched: This is a newish slang word that seems to replace the previous “on fleek” and means that something looks really good or positive. “Take a selfie, you’re snatched” means to take a photo of yourself because you look really good right now.

Ship (or shipping): Nothing to do with boats, this word is a shortening of “relationship” and turns it into a verb. To ship someone means to wish you were in a relationship with them, as in “I ship Ryan Gosling;” to ship two other people (commonly TV or movie characters) implies that you want the two of them to have a relationship with one another or that you are a fan of their existing and ongoing relationship. “I totally shipped Ross and Rachel on Friends,” would be a good example of this usage.

Dime: A dime is the colloquial name for a ten-cent coin in the US and Canada, and this slang word means that someone or something is a perfect ten, a 10 out of 10 –the best of the best, as good as can be. (Note that it can also be short for dime bag, meaning a small amount of marijuana.)

Peep: This word has two meanings. The first is to refer to a friend or member of your group of friends and loved ones – it’s short for “people” in this context, and is often plural, as in “these are my peeps.” The second meaning is to check out or get a look at something or someone, as in “have you peeped her new shoes?”

Lit: This is short for “lit up” and means something is exciting or happening as in “this party is totally lit.” (It can also be slang for being intoxicated, but there are approximately a thousand slang words for intoxication by either alcohol or drugs, so it can be hard to tell which usage is being employed.)

On point: This term implies that something is perfectly done or exactly right. It often refers to clothing or style; for example, you might say “Her outfit is on point.”

Slay: To slay is actually a positive thing, although it is derived from the word slaughter, which means to kill. If something slays, it means that it is really, really good, so good in fact that it might be deadly. This is just the latest in a long line of words that actually mean to kill or die being transformed into positive words, for example “The band killed it up on stage tonight” or “I am dying of laughter.”


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