my experience in englsih #1

Actually the first time I know English is when I was 8 years old, and the fact is I'm Forced by game it's called The Sims, so I need to complete the mission but it's always fail because I don't understand English and then I asked my friend did he know about the game,  but he told me to buy the Alfalink, so when I got the alfalink I translated the mission , it's not by the one word but it's one sentence so of course the translated gone wrong , in that time I have no idea and I really want to finish the mission but it failed , in the next day I met my teacher , you know guys what I'm asked her, that is about what is the meaning of my mission,  before he answer my question he laugh because I don't ask her about the school lesson  but finally he give me the answer how to use the alfalink and luckily I can finish my mission until the end so this is my first experience in English, wait for next story.


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